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Silent Cry is considered to be a high energy melodic rock band that started out in 1988.They have performed in numerous clubs in Western Mass and Connecticut,with bookings months in advance.They were picked to play the Britny Fox show,back up for Danger Danger and Mr.Big.They made headlines the second time they performed.The band members are as follows,


Mark-Rhythm Guitar\Vocals

Scott-Lead\Rhythm Guitar\Vocals

Chaz-Bass Guitar\Vocals

Silent Cry has written and performed over 120 original songs.Some of these songs were chosen to be recorded in 1993 at Pinetracks recording studios in Holyoke,Mass for their first E.P.tape.They have sold over 600 copies after preforming in various clubs and the tapes became highly in demand.The band released their first self-titled CD in July of 1997.A new CD is scheduled for release in the summer of 2000

Silent Cry has been in extreme demand for the past 10 years in every establishment they have performed in.If you are intrested in booking the band please go to the booking page.Thank You

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