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BMSG Management Staff

Scott Laflamme-President

Charles Smith-Vice President

Connie Pajak-Promotions Cordinator

Nick Carosello-Marketing Director/
Website Management

If you are intrested in booking Silent Cry for your Club or Party,their is a contract that needs to be signed.

A 25% deposit must be made 3 weeks prior to the show.Which is NON-REFUNDABLE if you cancel.

Types of Shows
Electric Show which consist of 3 sets 45-50 minutes long and 2 breaks 20-30 minutes long.This show consists of lights and lasers and electric playing.
The cost for the shw is $850.00.{may vary depending on distance to travel}

Accoustic Show
The Acoustic show consists of,3 sets 45-50 minutes each and 2 20-30 minute breaks.This show is Accoustic playing and only one small set of lights.The cost for the Accoustic show is $500.00.{may vary depending on distance to travel}

Silent Cry has the options of an encore at the end of the night FREE of charge

If intrested please contact Scott LaFlamme

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